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Why Use PDF-Content Search?

Four Key Tips for a Quick Start with the PDF Content Search App


Immediate installation and configuration

The first and most important step is, of course, installing the app. Apple Mac users can download the PDF Content Search App for free from the App Store. Once you've installed it, open the app and give yourself a moment to familiarize yourself with its intuitive user interface. The app only requires basic configuration so you can get started right away. Ensure that the full-text recognition option is enabled so the app can search through all PDF files. Now, you're ready to fully harness the potential of the PDF Content Search App.


Precise and fast search

With the PDF Content Search App, you can leave behind the tedious search within lengthy PDF documents. Simply enter a keyword or phrase into the search bar, and the app will swiftly scan your PDF files for relevant content. To further refine your search results, it's best to utilize filter options like date range or file size. This way, you get exactly what you're looking for without wasting any time. No more worries about important information getting lost in endless documents – the PDF Content Search App assists you in finding everything quickly and precisely.


Efficient document management

The PDF Content Search App is not just an excellent search tool but also an efficient instrument for document management. You can organize files within the app, rename them, and categorize them into different folders or categories. Moreover, the app allows you to share files with others, be it via email or in cloud storage. This is particularly useful when you need to share important information with colleagues or friends.


iOS App
‘PDF Cnt Search’

Verwenden Sie die iOS App direkt auf ihrem iPhone oder iPad Gerät um Ihre Dokumente digital zu erfassen. Der Upload auf Ihren Mac erfolgt dabei vollautomatisch und Sie bekommen sofort vollen Zugriff auf Ihre gescannten Dokumente. ‌ Benutzen Sie die App zum Scannen Editieren Hochladen Teilen Freigeben Unterschreiben und Bearbeiten.

What our


"The search is very fast. This allows many variations of the search term and even the search for word fragments to be carried out within a few seconds. The search is very reliable and avoids displaying inaccurate results that do not match the search term.
Andreas Mosthaff
At first, I was skeptical but I have recorded 42,000 PDF documents in my company and the full-text search works perfectly. Finally, I have not only digitized my company but am also able to find my recorded documents again.
Jürgen Seifert
Software Developer
For several weeks now, we have been using 'PDF Content Search' very successfully to assign correspondence with clients. It is very helpful that the full-text search works on all kinds of documents, invoices, and records. The ability to highlight any text in the document and export it minimizes the error rate in data entry.
Annemarie Ziegler
Office Specialist Tax Advice
Thanks to 'PDF Content Search', finding data sheets becomes child's play. The ability to search for text references and DIN numbers across the content of all documents saves a huge amount of time.
Kurt Henning
Engineer at Mercedes-Benz
Never has it been so easy to search for content in PDF folders! Finally, a tool that does what it's supposed to do, a super simple search for specific content in my PDFs. A query from my tax advisor about a specific invoice brought a huge problem to light, either manually search all invoices or use this tool. The application simply gave me the corresponding invoice for the amount. I love the tool because it is simple and straightforward to use and does what it's supposed to do!
Nikolaja Stützel
Bank Clerk
As a sole proprietor, I am dependent on accessing all my business documents at all times. 'PDF Content Search' makes handling files much easier for me since finding invoices, receipts, and contracts is very quick and easy."
Kerstin Schenker
Interior Architect
The associated iOS app makes it extremely easy to digitize and archive documents. The app allows you to quickly scan letters and receipts. The automatic transfer to my accounting folder does the rest to automate this annoying work.
Petra Münz
Graphic designer
As a history and English teacher, I rely on organizing my everyday life digitally. Thanks to 'PDF Content Search', not only the capture but also the finding of all documents is done quickly and easily. Finding and grouping work simply by entering a student's name is sensational!
Sarah Hartmann

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FAQs for PDF Content Search - Your solution for efficient document search

PDF Content Search is a powerful Mac application that allows you to effortlessly search your documents, images, and scans for text, content, or snippets. It revolutionizes the way you manage and search your files.
With its advanced OCR technology, PDF Content Search doesn't just capture file names, but the entire content of PDFs and scans. This allows you to find the required information in seconds. Moreover, you can specifically search for keywords, numbers, and names without tediously browsing through folders.
The OCR recognition of PDF Content Search enables fast and accurate searches, even in scans, photos, and handwritten documents. Sensitive data is 100% secure, and the application complies with DSGVO regulations.
The app significantly simplifies tax returns by eliminating the tedious search for receipts. Thanks to the targeted search for relevant documents, you can handle your tax matters stress-free and on time.
PDF Content Search is ideal for private users, tax consultants, accountants, lawyers, real estate and insurance brokers, as well as notaries. Companies that require efficient document management will also find valuable support in the app.
With the app, you can enter keywords or phrases, and the lightning-fast search scans your PDFs for relevant content. Using filter options like date range or file size, you can refine your results and save valuable time.
In addition to searching, the app is also an efficient tool for document management. You can organize, rename, and categorize files or place them into folders. The ability to share files facilitates collaboration with colleagues or friends.
No, PDF Content Search is specialized in machine-typed text. Handwritten text in documents cannot be recognized and searched by the application.
Yes, PDF Content Search supports searching in multiple languages. The OCR technology can recognize and search text in various languages, making the application appealing for global users.